Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just A Quick Note

We have had a good weekend so far. Jack and I went to several Yard Sales yesterday which was fun, and did most of our running around yesterday.
Today is a day just for us. No family or friends, just quality time together.
We plan on reading, listening to some good music and just enjoying one another's company. It's always good to connect with our loved ones, isn't it?
I just wanted to write a quick note to my friends here and say that I hope everyone has safe and happy weekend.

Your Friend,


  1. Same to you hon..

    I am having a great one - rainy, but good all the same..

    Another week is upon us before we have even realised it..


  2. Hi Shayne,

    Sounds like you're having a great weekend! Sometimes the low-key weekends are the best - just hanging out and spending time with your honey. Of course, being the anti-socialite that I am, I am always for low-key. LOL.


  3. Hey Shayne,

    Sounds like your weekend was great. Hope the rest of your week is just as good!

    Lily :)