Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Car Wash

I loved this book so much, I had to say a few words about it.

I am no good at writing reviews. I think I have stated before that I really don’t have any desire to write them. I enjoy reading them too much, plus that is what I keep Jack around for! LOL!

Once in a while I’ll read something that I thoroughly enjoy, and I want to share my pleasure with my friends. Car Wash was one of those books. I am not going to get into the storyline. Our dear friend who needs to write faster, Ava March and our sweet friend Sandy, did such an excellent job, there is no reason to get into the description of the storyline.

I wanted point out that this book moves along quite quickly. The immediate attraction and past connection between Kevin and Michael make the pages practically sizzle off of the computer screen. It’s true our angsty lovin’ Shawn threw both characters a bone on this one. I think she must have felt pity on them because they both had been through so much before they reconnected. There is some conflict, but thankfully it was resolved and Kevin and Michael got the ending they so deserved.

Kevin is such an interesting character. I didn’t know how he was going to come across in his own book, being that I loved him so much in Pulling Away. Between his individual sense of style and his bouncy, but loveable behavior, he is a man after my own heart. He is one of my favorite heroes. What’s funny is that Michael couldn’t be more different than Kevin. Between his no-nonsense attitude and his big old heart of gold, I thought he and Kevin were perfect for one another.

I hope everyone gives this book a shot. Reading Car Wash was a great way to escape into a very romantic and sexy love story for a couple of hours. Plus, the sex was freaking’ HAWT!


  1. Thanks sweetie, you are way too kind, but I appreciate it. I am glad you loved Kevin.

  2. Perfect Shayne- simply and to the point..

    Love it..


  3. Thanks :-)

    EH...your reviews are fabulous! Plus, you read so dang fast! You rock!

    Shawn...you know I love you! Car Wash IS a great book. NO LIE.