Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Our Fabulous Friend Drew!!

Today is our friend Drew's birthday! I simply couldn't go through the day without singing Happy Birthday to him.

*Clears Throat*

Happy Birthday toooooooo yooouuuuuu!
Happy Birthday toooooooo yooouuuuuu!
Happy Birthday dear Dreeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww...
Happy Birthday toooooooooooooooo yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

MUAH! WE love you Drew. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jason Edding's loss reminded me of something

Apparently Author Jason Edding's life partner has passed away. I admit I do not know him, but I did leave a message of support for him during this horrible time.
I'm going to publish the link here and on goodreads if any of our friends are interested in leaving him a message.

His loss has reminded me to tell all of you something. I want to tell all of you, thank you for being such fabulous friends and Jack and I adore all of you. We appreciate the love and support you've give us this past year. We've been lucky to to have all of you in our life. Go hug and kiss the ones you love. I know I am, even the worthless dogs.

Vacations, Wine, Diners and Cars

I'm ready to go on a fabulous VACATION!

To my utter joy, I ended up talking to Shawn for a few minutes. She's having a blast in Las Vegas! She's spotted a handsome goth guy, but he took off before she could take a picture. She's got to eat at a FOO FOO restaurant and said it was actually "GOOD" and she's won $250.00! GO HER! At this rate, she'll never come home! LOL! Anyway, she's having a super fabulous time, and I'm more than thrilled for her.

After supper, and I talked to Shawn, we decided to just chill out and have a few glasses of wine...Sometimes the best conversations happen over a bottle of wine. LOL. We talked about where we want to go on vacation this year. He knows the cabins would be fabulous, but he's wanting to do something else too. (We'll do the cabin on a long weekend) Last year he wanted to go on a cruise but I vetoed it. He still wants to go on one this year. Me, on the other hand, wants to travel the US. I would love to go to Texas and see some of our old friends, and maybe try to swing in Vegas too. (Blame Shawn on that one!) So we're still deciding what to do. He wants to take his vacation in July, so we need to make up our minds way before then.

Where do all of you want to go this year on vacation? Maybe you'll have better ideas than we have. LOL!

He also wants to get me a newer used car. I have an ancient car that Jack's decided is unreliable, so we're going to start looking for me a better car. I'm thinking something small and economical, he's thinking something sporty and sexy. LOL.

We have Movie and Game night this weekend. The movie is Diner, so it's going to be common foods found in a diner. You know it has to be greasy and bad for you. LOL. Any suggestions? I already know I'm doing an pecan pie and an apple pie for desert.

Everyone have a fabulous day today. In celebration of vacations we all hope to have soon, I give you Ashtyn in Mickey Mouse ears. YUM!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have a Fabulous Day Today!

This week has gone by semi-fast. Now, that my BFF will be out of town for the rest of the week, I'm sure time will slow down and drag. LOL!

Monday Jack and I went out to eat and to a piano bar afterward. Now, I like to cook, but I LOVE eating out! There's no mess to clean up and I get to eat things I normally don't cook. I'm more of a Southern style Cook. So, when Jack says "Honey, lets go eat Mexican." I'm game.

The Piano bar was fun. There wasn't much of a crowd, and the music was fab. Jack and I felt comfortable enough to be affectionate there, and that's always nice. It's really good to be able to hold his hand, or give him a sweet kiss. We don't always feel safe to do that and the few people at the bar could have cared less, so that made our experience better.

I made Chicken and Dumplings last night, along with Mac and Cheese. After we ate we read Another Dream by Addison Albright, watched Dancing with the Stars. (Yes...I admit it's the ONE show I adore to watch) and had a fabulous time just hanging around each other. You would think after all of these years together, we wouldn't have anything to talk about, or get tired of each other, but for us it's just not the case. I love him now more than I did all those years ago. Maybe that's what true love is about. As you get to know your mate or even your friends, the love you have for them grows as time goes least I think it does.

Today is the first day of Shawn's Vacation. GO HER for pampering herself and doing something for HER for a change! I miss her like crazy, but I'm happy she's treating herself.

I want all of my friends to have a fabulous day today! In honor of my BFF and as a treat for all of us, I give you more eye candy of Ashtyn Long. YUM! He'll be gracing my post all week. If we can't have Shawn, we'll at least get to drool over Ashtyn instead!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We'll Miss Our Shawn

We are all going to have to face the dilemma of my BFF and our favorite writer, Shawn, being away for most of the week. What shall we do?

She's to have way too much fun in Vegas kicking those pretty shockingly pink toenails up and having a truly scandalous time while she's there. I'll be sending her 'I miss you, BFF' notes on a daily basis and looking at past blog posts she's written. (Kev's free stories come to mind...yum!) All I know is she better regale us with all of her adventures, and of course, tell us how many Elvis impersonators she sees!

GO YOU! Angel Face! Have a Fabulous time! You deserve it!

I'll miss you, Gorgeous!