Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vacations, Wine, Diners and Cars

I'm ready to go on a fabulous VACATION!

To my utter joy, I ended up talking to Shawn for a few minutes. She's having a blast in Las Vegas! She's spotted a handsome goth guy, but he took off before she could take a picture. She's got to eat at a FOO FOO restaurant and said it was actually "GOOD" and she's won $250.00! GO HER! At this rate, she'll never come home! LOL! Anyway, she's having a super fabulous time, and I'm more than thrilled for her.

After supper, and I talked to Shawn, we decided to just chill out and have a few glasses of wine...Sometimes the best conversations happen over a bottle of wine. LOL. We talked about where we want to go on vacation this year. He knows the cabins would be fabulous, but he's wanting to do something else too. (We'll do the cabin on a long weekend) Last year he wanted to go on a cruise but I vetoed it. He still wants to go on one this year. Me, on the other hand, wants to travel the US. I would love to go to Texas and see some of our old friends, and maybe try to swing in Vegas too. (Blame Shawn on that one!) So we're still deciding what to do. He wants to take his vacation in July, so we need to make up our minds way before then.

Where do all of you want to go this year on vacation? Maybe you'll have better ideas than we have. LOL!

He also wants to get me a newer used car. I have an ancient car that Jack's decided is unreliable, so we're going to start looking for me a better car. I'm thinking something small and economical, he's thinking something sporty and sexy. LOL.

We have Movie and Game night this weekend. The movie is Diner, so it's going to be common foods found in a diner. You know it has to be greasy and bad for you. LOL. Any suggestions? I already know I'm doing an pecan pie and an apple pie for desert.

Everyone have a fabulous day today. In celebration of vacations we all hope to have soon, I give you Ashtyn in Mickey Mouse ears. YUM!



  1. How can the man make Mickey Mouse ears look cool? God, he really is the bomb!

    I've been on a cruise before. It's fun and the food is scumptuous! We're going to Cali this year for vacation. Both of us have always wanted to go there, so we're making it happen in 3 weeks.

    Diner was a cool movie. If I had to do a classic diner food I would either do something like Chili Cheese Fries or Roast Beef with thick Gravy.

    I'll be over for pie later.

  2. I love Diner food! Nothing but grease and fattening treats. I just can't eat there like I want.
    Meatloaf is always good at a diner along with some mashed potatos. I have a good meatloaf recipe if you want it. It was my gran's.
    Go with the sports car. *wink*
    A cruise sounds like fun.
    Ashtyn is so damn HAWT! I wish that barstool was facing front and so was he!

  3. Those are the sexiest Mickey Mouse ears I've ever seen! ;D

    Yay! for vacations. I'd go on a cruise simply because it's been forever since I did one.

    Diner food, yum! It's all good, and fattening, but well worth having every once in a while. I'm sure whatever you make will be delicious. Have a fun Movie & Game night!!

  4. I'm sure you'd look fab in something sexy and sporty ;)

    I've never been on a cruise, but then again, being stuck in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of strangers isn't my cup of tea. LOL. If I could choose anywhere for a vacation, it'd be England and Ireland.

    Diner food already have the pies covered, but you'll need coffee to go with them. As for dinner food, how about french fries and grilled cheese sandwiches. So very greesey and yummy!

    Have fun car shopping, and at dinner&game night this weekend!

  5. I'm with Nick on the meatloaf! Yummy stuff! Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup make a terrific combination, too.

    I've never been on a cruise, but I'd love to go on one someday. Most of my vacations are camping with family.

    My favorite trip so far has been to Key West. I went with friends a few years ago, and we had a spectacular time.

    Good luck with the car shopping.

  6. I'm rolling my eyes at Ava for both her comment about not being able to make even boxed mac and cheese (uh-huh, a smart lady like you? I don't buy you can't cook anymore than Jack's story). I am also rolling my eyes about her comment about being on a boat with strangers. Um, okay. LOL. Actually cruises are fun. And you rarely deal with the strangers, trust me. I hate people.

    I am going to Seattle and Coeur d'Alene in Idaho in October. Look it up, you won't be sorry. BEAUTIFUL

  7. While I love that you have faith in me, Shawn (or, maybe rather, have faith in my abilities to get hubby to cook for me)....I really can't cook unless it involves *beep*beep*beep*start*. Hubby can fully vouch for my non-cooking abilities. I suck when it comes to using the stove and/or oven. I'm good at heating up frozen dinners in the microwave, though. Paying for take out, I'm even better at that. LOL

    Ooh, I've been to Seattle once. It was beautiful!