Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jason Edding's loss reminded me of something

Apparently Author Jason Edding's life partner has passed away. I admit I do not know him, but I did leave a message of support for him during this horrible time.
I'm going to publish the link here and on goodreads if any of our friends are interested in leaving him a message.

His loss has reminded me to tell all of you something. I want to tell all of you, thank you for being such fabulous friends and Jack and I adore all of you. We appreciate the love and support you've give us this past year. We've been lucky to to have all of you in our life. Go hug and kiss the ones you love. I know I am, even the worthless dogs.


  1. I love you and Ma, too. Tell Ma I'm fine. I know she's having a terrific time in Vegas.

  2. You are a sweetie. I adore you and Jack, too! I'm always anxious to read your post and whatever you say at goodreads.
    ((Shayne and Jack))

  3. (((((Shayne)))))
    It's good to have our internet family. I just called my partner and told him I loved him. I really hate to see Mr. Edding's loss.

  4. How very sad for Mr. Edding. Thanks for sharing the link.

    Big hugs to you and Jack. You guys are great!

  5. Thanks for sharing the link, sweetie.

    We do have an amazing online family.

    *hugs to you and Jack*