Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We'll Miss Our Shawn

We are all going to have to face the dilemma of my BFF and our favorite writer, Shawn, being away for most of the week. What shall we do?

She's to have way too much fun in Vegas kicking those pretty shockingly pink toenails up and having a truly scandalous time while she's there. I'll be sending her 'I miss you, BFF' notes on a daily basis and looking at past blog posts she's written. (Kev's free stories come to mind...yum!) All I know is she better regale us with all of her adventures, and of course, tell us how many Elvis impersonators she sees!

GO YOU! Angel Face! Have a Fabulous time! You deserve it!

I'll miss you, Gorgeous!



  1. LOL, trust me there are a ton of Elvis's there. LMAO. Hopefully one will hand me a pick jackpot check!

  2. I guess that means YOU'LL have to blog daily so we still have shawn news to read.

    Have fun, Shawn. We'll miss you

  3. I hope you do win the jackpot, Shawn! That means supper will be on you when you get back! LMAO! Have fun with the Elvis impersonators!

    God I love Ashtyn's ass. The man is so beautiful! Thanks for the eye candy!

  4. I can picture Shawn hanging out with Elvis impersonators, winning loads of cash and having a spectacular time! Have fun sweets! We'll miss you!

  5. We'll miss Shawn, but at least we know she'll be having a blast, Elvis impersonators and all!


  6. Shawn works so hard to keep us all entertained! I'm glad that she's taking some time to have some fun.

  7. Me too, Eyre! I bet she'll have a great time.
    Shayne you're such a sweetheart to your bff; actually I just think you're a sweetheart to everyone. Thanks for the friendly note. (Hugs)

  8. He is fabulous (Shayne). And Ashtyn's ass is pretty damn sweet too, ;-0