Sunday, May 31, 2009

We had a good weekend. Jack and I went to Brent and Josh's movie and game night yesterday. There was much fun, laughter and visiting to be had at Brent and Josh's shindig. Always is. Funny thing is, I am never that excited to go. I am more of a homebody than anything. But, Jack is usually insistent, and being the faithful and loving partner I am, I relent almost every time. Plus, after the month he has had, I thought he needed to let that gorgeous hair down and have some fun. He did and I had fun (Sometimes it pays to be the designated

Today Jack has been recovering from his trip to margaritaville. We have done some reading, we grilled out and just enjoyed one another overall. Life is good.

By reading some other blogs it seems like May has been a blah month for most people. Even some of my friends have struggled with some life issues recently.

I think we all need a vacation. My dear friend is going to Vegas this Friday. Lucky her! Even being the homebody that I am, I am ready for something new. We have been talking about going on a cruise soon. Frankly, I am ready to get out of dodge for a while. I have been thinking about where I would like to go, if I had the chance.

I think I would one day love to go to Europe. My problem is I am afraid to fly, so that leaves that out. Hawaii would be another place I would love to go. Again, flying...dammit!

I would like to go to Vegas maybe next year. It's such a trip for us. (I am to blame of course) we don't get to go like we would like. Oh well. Such is life. I honestly, don't care where we go as long as we go. I am ready for a change of scenery. How about you? Where are y'all hankering to go on vacation this summer?

I hope everyone has a safe and happy week ahead.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You

Today was a good day today. I sent Jack off to work, did TONS of laundry and read most of the day. Actually, it was Heaven compared to some of the days we have had this past week.

My partner's Father suffered a heart attack several days ago. We have spent many days and nights in the hospital, offering and receiving comfort and support from our loved ones. We are so lucky because Jack's father is recovering and will be going home tomorrow.

The possible loss if our loved one has made me make a decision to appreciate the people who are in our lives. We often take those we love for granted. I have decided not to do that any longer.

For those of you who follow this blog (I still can't get over I want you all to know how much I appreciate you and all of the comments and joy you bring me in my everyday life.

Thanks to every one of you for being such great friends...particularly Shawn, you have been a happy surprise in my life and one of the best friends I could ever have asked for, you know I love you.



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Need A Hero

I just read the post, Why some books resonate more than others by my very good friend Shawn Lane. Not only did she have some very valid points about how we as readers feel about the stories we have read, it got me to thinking...oh no!

I know as a reader, I have to relate to the main characters in some way. Now, yes it's not easy to relate to a blue alien from the planet Zelfar, but I can say that I look for a way to emotionally connect with that character while I am reading that book. Whether it is the hero or the villain, they somehow have to move me in a way, good or bad, for them to make an impression on me.

It's interesting to me to find out what my fellow friends and readers look for in a hero. What makes a hero worth liking? What attracts us to them? Is it how they look? The job they have? How much money they have or don't have? Their live experiences? Or how they look at life and love in general...and so on.

What I find fascinating is as a primarily homoerotic reader, many of the heroes are usually very buff, tall, alpha men. I can tell you that yes, there are many alpha gay men out there. (Jack is a wonderful example of that) There are many gay men out there, that if you didn't know they were gay, you wouldn't. (I don't personally believe in the gaydar thing very much)

I honestly like my heroes to be different. They don't have to be physically perfect for me to become attracted to them as a reader. But, I also know that we are dealing with fantasy here, and not everyone wants to read about a tortured hero, or a man who has some physical defect of some kind. I understand that, too.

Then there are the more flamboyant gay heroes. Too me, and I might be upsetting people here, is more of a realistic gay hero. Yes, not all gay men are colorful and flamboyant, but they are out there. This is where I love that Opposite Attract storyline... the buff hero loves the flamboyant man. This is more common in the real world than not. I am living proof of that one, too.

Since I think most gay romances are written for women, I understand why the perfect man wins most every time. Hell, I used to read straight romances for years, and I too love them. I just like a little variety in life, too.

What kind of heroes do you as a reader do you find most attractive? I love them all. (especially if they have long hair) LOL
What are some of you favorite story lines? May/December, Opposites Attract, Gay for you, Menage...etc?

As a reader I think we are very blessed to have so many talented authors out there, to open us to new possibilities and to soothe us with the old ones.

Check out my friend Shawn Lane's blog at:

She's the one who got me onto this topic. Which I haven't decided was a good thing or

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday, Jack and I went over to some of our friends house. Every month or so, our friends Karen and Toby, have a get together at their home. There are always several of our friends that attend, so we always have a great time.
Movie and game night usually means potluck. Jack and I brought our famous cheeseball and barbeque ribs, and since everyone else brought their favorites, we all ate like kings, talked through the movies they had rented, and played a cut throat game of

Today, has been relatively quiet. Jack has been napping all day, which leave me lost in my own thoughts. (not always a good I have been thinking about the different kinds of friendships we have in our lives.

There are work friends. Work friends are work. I admit I have a couple of work friends I will hang out with (some) outside of work, but most of the time, once I clock out, I don't speak with any of them until the next work day. If I quit, usually the friendship is over just like the job.

Jack and I have mutual friends. Jack and I are different. I can be more outrageous and loud at times, but basically I am a pretty shy person. Especially, if I don't know the people I am around. Jack on the other hand, is very outgoing. He is comfortable in his own skin and people seem to gravitate around him. He is beautiful inside as well as outside. and others recognize and appreciate that beauty.

When we hang out with mutual friends, usually they are Jack's friends that I have gotten to know, or/and I get along with their partner or spouse and we hang out and like one another. They are fun to be with and are pretty much a staple in our lives.

There aren't many friends I have on my own. I have a best friend from school, Pam, that we call and talk with one another. We know both of our secrets and the struggles we had during our younger years, so we have that in common. There is something about childhood friends, that can't ever be replaced. They know you in ways others never do. They are around you while you are finding yourself and your place in the world. I guess that is why I always think Pam will know and understand me like no other.

I think I mentioned that Jack is the one who has encouraged me to branch out online. In doing so, I have an internet (best) friend. Funny, how that happens. When I got online I never expected to connect with another person, but I have. I find myself telling my friend things I don't tell others. For some reason, I trust this person not to hurt me. It amazes me how much we have in common. I find myself worrying about my friends well being, I am excited to see how my friends day has gone, and she has become important in my everyday life.

It's funny how friends come and go. I wonder why we let go of some people's friendship so easily and move onto others. I know we grow and change, but how come we don't try to stay connected with the people we invested time with?