Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Need A Hero

I just read the post, Why some books resonate more than others by my very good friend Shawn Lane. Not only did she have some very valid points about how we as readers feel about the stories we have read, it got me to thinking...oh no!

I know as a reader, I have to relate to the main characters in some way. Now, yes it's not easy to relate to a blue alien from the planet Zelfar, but I can say that I look for a way to emotionally connect with that character while I am reading that book. Whether it is the hero or the villain, they somehow have to move me in a way, good or bad, for them to make an impression on me.

It's interesting to me to find out what my fellow friends and readers look for in a hero. What makes a hero worth liking? What attracts us to them? Is it how they look? The job they have? How much money they have or don't have? Their live experiences? Or how they look at life and love in general...and so on.

What I find fascinating is as a primarily homoerotic reader, many of the heroes are usually very buff, tall, alpha men. I can tell you that yes, there are many alpha gay men out there. (Jack is a wonderful example of that) There are many gay men out there, that if you didn't know they were gay, you wouldn't. (I don't personally believe in the gaydar thing very much)

I honestly like my heroes to be different. They don't have to be physically perfect for me to become attracted to them as a reader. But, I also know that we are dealing with fantasy here, and not everyone wants to read about a tortured hero, or a man who has some physical defect of some kind. I understand that, too.

Then there are the more flamboyant gay heroes. Too me, and I might be upsetting people here, is more of a realistic gay hero. Yes, not all gay men are colorful and flamboyant, but they are out there. This is where I love that Opposite Attract storyline... the buff hero loves the flamboyant man. This is more common in the real world than not. I am living proof of that one, too.

Since I think most gay romances are written for women, I understand why the perfect man wins most every time. Hell, I used to read straight romances for years, and I too love them. I just like a little variety in life, too.

What kind of heroes do you as a reader do you find most attractive? I love them all. (especially if they have long hair) LOL
What are some of you favorite story lines? May/December, Opposites Attract, Gay for you, Menage...etc?

As a reader I think we are very blessed to have so many talented authors out there, to open us to new possibilities and to soothe us with the old ones.

Check out my friend Shawn Lane's blog at:

She's the one who got me onto this topic. Which I haven't decided was a good thing or


  1. Shayne,
    I think it's my mood. Sometimes I want a big bad ass alpha hero, sometimes I want a gentle beta hero. I can't decide!
    I love flamboyant heroes:) Hell from Heaven Sent was a little bit of both for me. He could be pretty alpha when he wanted to be, but he also a very colorful character. He's one of my favorite heroes. Even if he has purple hair! LOL
    My favorite storylines are the opposite attract and the may/december, which is both close in content.
    Loved your topic!
    Have a great day.

  2. Hey sweetie, glad I got you thinking. I think it's always great when you think. You truly do not give yourself enough credit.

    I like both alpha heroes and betas. I also like more flamboyant heroes, too, though most of the time I haven't written that kind. Kevin in my June release, Car Wash, is definitely more dramatic/flamboyant. I couldn't tell you what my favorite storyline type is. Or actually you probably can tell by what I write, Re-United Lovers seems to be the theme for me often. Or friends who become lovers.

    Anywway great post, Shay

  3. I forgot to say that your blue alien hero from Zelfar cracked me up. I come from a Sci-Fi geek family background (Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica-old one)

    One of these days, I will write a long haired hero just for you, Shay, just for you

  4. Hi Shayne,

    I love opposites attracts storylines, too. Those are my favorite. Setting up two characters that don't look like they'd go together, but who actually fit together perfectly. And not just in the physical sense ;)

    As for a favorite type of hero...I love beta heroes. Likely because hubby is more beta than alpha. Oh, he definitely can be an alpha when he wants to be *grin* but in general, he's more a beta. And like Shellie, I do adore flamboyant heroes, as well. And big, strong muscular alphas. I guess I just like them all! Rather greedy of me, but well...since it's fiction, I can be as greedy as I want. :D

  5. Great post Shayne.

    I'm greedy and can't pick just one. I love Alphas, but I love betas too. Sometimes flamboyant is what works for me, sometimes the shy quite type. I love the older experienced man and I love the young guy just learning about life and love.

    All in all, I love all different kinds of men as long as they are well written. No need to pick just one flavor when there are so many available to enjoy!!

    Lily ;)