Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You

Today was a good day today. I sent Jack off to work, did TONS of laundry and read most of the day. Actually, it was Heaven compared to some of the days we have had this past week.

My partner's Father suffered a heart attack several days ago. We have spent many days and nights in the hospital, offering and receiving comfort and support from our loved ones. We are so lucky because Jack's father is recovering and will be going home tomorrow.

The possible loss if our loved one has made me make a decision to appreciate the people who are in our lives. We often take those we love for granted. I have decided not to do that any longer.

For those of you who follow this blog (I still can't get over that...lol) I want you all to know how much I appreciate you and all of the comments and joy you bring me in my everyday life.

Thanks to every one of you for being such great friends...particularly Shawn, you have been a happy surprise in my life and one of the best friends I could ever have asked for, you know I love you.




  1. As you know I am very glad Jack's dad is doing better. You are right, it does seem to take something like this to remind us to take stock in life of what we have. I had a similar experience last year with my mother's cancer and almost dying. We never seem to have enough time with those we love, do we? I am glad you are back in the blogging world, sweetie. We missed you. xoxoxo

  2. Shayne, I'm sorry to hear about Jack's Dad. What a scary thing to go through. I'm so glad to know he is recovered enough to be able to go home.

    Definitely something like this can make you open up your eyes and realize that life is precious but can be over so quickly.

    Thank God everyday for your blessings, enjoy your family and friends, don't take life for granted, try never to go to bed with angry words and thoughts towards each other, love will get you through. All of these sound trite and over used but are nevertheless words to live by. At least they are for me. They've helped me deal with some pretty rough things.

    You've been missed, good to have you back.

    Lily :)

  3. Hey Shayne..

    Chin up lad. I am so pleased your in-law is past the worst and more than likely rearing to go.

    I very much agree with you - appreciate people here and now and never let a moment pass without them knowing it.
    I have also made some wonderful friends over the net - and as much as i query everyone who talk to my son online - I am truly blessed to have meet you all -even jack inlcuded... More Goodread than here...

    Shawn - "We never seem to have enough time with those we love" - I so know this and my friends near and far with alot of Linkin Park has seen me through some rough times...

    Hoping to see more of you online....