Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have a Fabulous Day Today!

This week has gone by semi-fast. Now, that my BFF will be out of town for the rest of the week, I'm sure time will slow down and drag. LOL!

Monday Jack and I went out to eat and to a piano bar afterward. Now, I like to cook, but I LOVE eating out! There's no mess to clean up and I get to eat things I normally don't cook. I'm more of a Southern style Cook. So, when Jack says "Honey, lets go eat Mexican." I'm game.

The Piano bar was fun. There wasn't much of a crowd, and the music was fab. Jack and I felt comfortable enough to be affectionate there, and that's always nice. It's really good to be able to hold his hand, or give him a sweet kiss. We don't always feel safe to do that and the few people at the bar could have cared less, so that made our experience better.

I made Chicken and Dumplings last night, along with Mac and Cheese. After we ate we read Another Dream by Addison Albright, watched Dancing with the Stars. (Yes...I admit it's the ONE show I adore to watch) and had a fabulous time just hanging around each other. You would think after all of these years together, we wouldn't have anything to talk about, or get tired of each other, but for us it's just not the case. I love him now more than I did all those years ago. Maybe that's what true love is about. As you get to know your mate or even your friends, the love you have for them grows as time goes least I think it does.

Today is the first day of Shawn's Vacation. GO HER for pampering herself and doing something for HER for a change! I miss her like crazy, but I'm happy she's treating herself.

I want all of my friends to have a fabulous day today! In honor of my BFF and as a treat for all of us, I give you more eye candy of Ashtyn Long. YUM! He'll be gracing my post all week. If we can't have Shawn, we'll at least get to drool over Ashtyn instead!



  1. I hope you and Jack have a fabulous day yourselves!

    I'm glad you had a good time at the piano bar. It makes me sad that such wonderful, loving people have to be afraid to show their affections in public.

    Pumpkin, will you make me some chicken and dumplings? It's been ages since I've had them, and even though I'm a southern girl, mine suck!

  2. I'm glad you guys had a great night out. And how nice that you were able to be yourselves and show your love. If only it were possible always. I'll keep wishing for that day to come soon.

    Have a fabulous day!! :)

  3. You are just too sweet... I am sure Jack is just as head over heels in love with you as well..

    It's always nice when you get the full package in an evening, good meal, good music and with the person you love by your side... Yeah for the Piano Bar..

    It's always lovely to see Ashtyn.. another gorgeous work of art..


  4. A happy Ashtyn pic. What a nice change of pace. Usually it's the smoldering, smexy Ashtyn...not that I'm complaining or anything ;)

    What a lovely post, Shayne. And think you're right on - that's what true love is all about.

    Oh, and mac & cheese sounds really good right now. But the only kind I can make is out of the blue box, and even then it's usually mushy. sigh. I bet yours is really yummy. Jack's so lucky to have you!

    I hope you and Jack have a fab day!

  5. Thank you dear friends!

    Ava...boxed Mac and Cheese! GASP!
    Eyre...come on over sweetie. I'll make you Chicken and Dumplings anyday
    Thanks, Lil. I hope one day we all have that chance too.
    Thanks, EH! Ashtyn is always a fabulous thing!

    MUAH! Love you girls!

  6. I love that you and Jack were comfortable to be affectionate with each other. It's wrong that this is an issue in the first place. If you and Jack want to hug, kiss or hold hands you should be able to without any problems.
    We still have a long way to go.

    Much love to you and Jack!


  7. Baby, you are a fantastic cook. You know I would rather eat your home cookin' anyday than eat out, but showing you off to the world is good too!

    We have some wonderful friends here. We love all of you. Thanks for always supporting us.

  8. We need to compare recipes sometime. I'm glad you and Jack were able to show some affection with one another the other night. My partner and I get tired of not being able to touch if we want.
    Maybe someday we'll all be able to do it.

  9. All right, Shayne, I'll be there Friday for dinner. LOL!

    Zach, I pray every day that things will get better. (((Zach)))

  10. Ah you are so sweet, bff, muah!

    And love to all of you as well