Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick Days Ahead

Hello my friends,

Weekends always seem to go way too fast. Isn't it strange when we are doing something fun, time seems to rush by, but when we are working or doing something not very pleasant, it drags. Here's hoping that every one's day today flew quickly by.

I've decided in honor of Gay Pride month, every time I post here, I will also post a picture of some very nice eye candy for all of us to enjoy.

I am not one to push my viewpoints down other's throats. It's just not my way. I live a (relatively) quiet life with my partner Jack. We have good friends. We love, we fight, we laugh, and we have cried. Both of us have fought hard to make this relationship work. There are times I know he wants to strangle me in my sleep when I get overly stubborn (imagine that). Just like the times I want to scream my head off when he gets the pushy Alpha thing going, but through love and YEARS of committing to one another, we have found our way through the tough times, and learned to communicate with each other. The determination we have to stay together has outlasted any petty arguments we might have.

We are lucky.

The other day we were out with Brent and Josh at the local bar. We were minding our own business, just relaxing and listening to music. While we were leaving, we had several men say very hurtful and derogatory things to us. Although, I believe we all wanted to stay and be confrontational, we didn't. We left without giving the racist people a second glance.

This of course bothered me. Jack was able to let it slide off of his shoulders more quickly than I was. I know we have come a long way with LGBT acceptance, but I am also smart enough to know that we still have a long way to go.

So my question is, do you think we did the right thing by walking away, or should we have stood our ground? What would you do if you were faced in the same situation?

Thanks for listening. I'll get off of my soapbox

Your Friend,



  1. Hi Sweetie, first, lovely picture.

    Second, I think the relationship you have with Jack is awesome. I know Jack thinks it is too.

    Third, I am, of course, sorry about that happening to you. I can see why you would want to stick up for yourselves, but even though these creatures were absolutely horrible to you, I think you probably handled it best by walking away. They are obviously bullies and hate mongerers. There is no doubt about that, but what you don't know is if confronting them will cause them to get very aggresive with you and violent which could be disastrous. I would rather you were safe. Just my opinion.

  2. Shawn,

    Thank you. For everything.

    Love you,


  3. I hope that doesn't happen very often to you and Jack. I think you did the right thing by walking away. Knowing Jack, I bet he wanted to confront those assholes though. It's a good thing he didn't.
    It's good you didn't stoop to their level!
    Keep your chin up!

    LOVE THE EYE CANDY! Dang he is sexy!

  4. Much thanks for the eye candy, Shayne!! Definitely brightened my evening. ;)

    As for bullies and close-minded idiots, I'm all for turning my back to them and walking away. It's not like anything you could have said would have changed them - idiots are idiots for a reason, and they tend to choose to remain idiots. Some people simply cannot be swayed, no matter how logical or reasonable an argument. A lot of time bullying behavior stems from deep-seated insecurities, and therefore confronting a bully will usually make them more defensive or aggressive. It saddens my heart that someone as sweet as you would be subjected to such a thing. I'm glad you took the high road and walked away.

    *hugs* Ava

  5. Shayne,

    Thanks for sharing the cuteness!!

    It sounds as if you and Jack have a fabulous relationship!! It takes work and there are periods of wanting to choke each other but the rewards are so worth it.

    I think you guys did the right thing. Bullies like that will never change their views and are the type to carry a discussion over into a fight. Not worth it in my opinion.


  6. I agree with all the sentiment said before - it just wasn't worth it to give them the time of day to act out..

    You and your friends showed ultimately that you were the bigger men...

    As Daisiemae said - I really hope this is just a one off situation.

    I am constantly impress with how you describe the union between you and Jack - very utopic. i wish you and Jack many many more days making happy and beautiful memories together..