Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

I thought I would post the Christmas Tree Jack and I decorated. Just kidding! This is actually a tree that my Beautiful BFF saw and took a picture off. Isn't it huge? Can you imagine putting the lights on that bad boy? I'm afraid our tree is much more modest than this one!

Our tree is in between Charlie Brown's and Clark Griswalds. LOL! We do the multi-colored lights and we have tons of decorations we put on it. I bought some really fabulous peppermint lights I put on it from QVC (yes I love the Q) and it makes our tree fabulously unique.

Isn't it funny how soothing a Christmas Tree is? It's not unusual for me to get lost in thought while looking at our tree. I don't know how many times I've watched our tree and it's twinkling lights and fallen asleep. They're totally mesmerizing!

Jack and I always argue about when to take the tree down. I always take it down on January 2nd. Jack thinks it should be taken down before the New Year. I usually win this argument because I'm the one who takes it down. GO ME! LOL!

I've heard of many people taking it down the day after Christmas. That's very practical. I think I'm just too attached to it to take it down so soon! When do you take your tree down? What does your tree look like? What do you like best about your tree?


  1. It sounds like you & Jack have a fab Christmas tree, Shay! Definitely 'go you!' :D

    I do the multi-colored lights, too. I love them :) My favorite part of my tree is that my kidlet took charge of the decorating this year. She decided where all the decorations would go (oddly enough, most are up high, since she was standing on a chair, and the bottom of the tree is pretty bare). It's a bit haphazard, but I adore it because she did it. As for taking the tree down, we ususally do it right after New Year's.

  2. I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised we take ours down pretty much immediately. And it's not my idea. I prefer multicolor but the tree we have right now is one we bought years ago that has white lights and pine cones on it. It has a tone of decs on it. Yes I artificial. Why should a tree die for my Christmas?

  3. I would hate the be the one to take off all of those lights!
    I prefer real trees, but we've been dragging out my Mother's old artificial tree for the past few years.
    We have muli-colored lights and tons of glittered and bright colored ornaments! I never take the tree down before the first of the year. It's taken down the first week of January. That's one advantage of having an fake tree! NO NEEDLES! YAY!

  4. We will be getting our tree this weekend, a state park near us (Silver Falls) has a holiday festival each year, and they thin out the forest in the park and offer up free trees to anyone that wants one. Which is great, we get a "real" tree without the guilt. Tons of music and crafts in the lodge for the kids, they get to make gingerbread houses and wreaths (also from thinned vegetation) and ornaments, it's just a lot of fun.

    We have those big old-fashioned multicolored lights and a hodgepodge of ornaments that all have special meaning, including a big set of wooden ones that I remember mom painting over 30 years ago. No topper except for a big plaid bow. The girls hang candycanes (and by Christmas they're all gone), and the whole deal is in our bay window in the family room from two weeks before Christmas until New Year's Day, when I disassemble while watching bowl games. :)

  5. You're going to laugh, but I bought one of those purple tabletop trees with purple lights. I've done my tree in a rainbow of colors with flashy ornaments and purple tinsel.
    Rainbow colored and bright. Just like Christmas and everyday life should be.
    I'll take down my tree on the 1st of January, maybe the second, depending how my New Years date goes!

  6. I adore you, Drew! What a cool idea that is! We have mulicolored lights and we make homemade ornaments every year. I do get a real tree every year. Sorry, I hate artificial ones, but a purple one might change my mind!

  7. Everyone's trees sound gorgeous! Drew, your's sound precious.

    I have to admit that I don't put up a tree. Now, before you start shouting "Scrooge" at me, let me explain myself. I live alone and always spend the holidays out of town visiting relatives. I usually help my parents decorate their tree. My father prefers clear lights, but I love the multi-colored one.

    Plus, at my house, a tree would just big a giant cat toy. I doubt one would stay standing for very long.

  8. I also don't do the tree thing - ever since my kids realise that the lights acutally took a plug away from their electronics - that nook ed the Christmas tree plot.

    And more over I have long learned that boys are not fussed about presents under tree, they only want to know they are getting what they want..
    I have the most pragmatic kids ever - not complaining, I love it - more for me for the holidays..

    When we had it up, it stayed up until about the 3-4 Jan...


  9. We do a tree every year with a huge amount of multi-colored lights. I think the best part of our tree now is that the kids hang the ornaments. Not always where I want them to be hung...but it is their project so I stay out of it - LOL. We always take our tree down New Year's Day.

  10. I love multi-colored lights on a Xmas tree. I have an artificial tree with lots of decorations that I've had for a long time, some of which my kids made thru the years.

    My birthday is Jan 5th so I usually just wait until the weekend after my Bday to take my tree down.

  11. I love all of the traditions you have shared with me. I wish I could see all of your trees and decorations, I bet they are all fabulous in their own right.
    Thanks for sharing with me everyone.

  12. We go to a tree farm and pick out a tree each year. We have to have a real tree. We had a fake tree one year and it wasn't the same.
    I actually missed the pine needles all over the floor! And it isn't Christmas until our house smells like a Christmas tree. Loving it!
    We decorate with clear lights, but we have very colorful ornaments and tinsel so it's still bright and lovely.