Thursday, December 10, 2009

I would have continued reading the series if...

Not too long ago, Shawn and I were talking about how we envisioned some of the heroes in movies and in books, should be with paired up with their sidekick, or male counterpart instead of the heroine.
She emailed me a painting of Captain Kirk and Spock together in this heated embrace.

Earlier, I was looking through images of gay couples when I came across this one starring Hatty Potter. I liked it so much, I decided IF Harry had a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend, then I might have continued to read the series! LOL! I think they look kind of sweet actually, in a young love-teenaged sort of way.

Tonight Jack and I are going to meet some of our Movie and Game night friends for supper. I'm anxious to see some Christmas Lights as we go to and from the restaurant!

Hope everyone else has a fabulous day!


  1. Draco doesn't look like he's having a good time with Harry in that picture! ;) I've often thought up new pairings for literary, movie, and television characters. I know deep down that Angel and Spike from the Buffy world were really meant for each other. Robinson Crusoe didn't spend all that time with Friday on that island just staring at the palm trees. I know it's weird to have thought this, but Yogi and Boo Boo were the perfect couple. ;)

    I hope you and Jack have a fabulous time with your friends tonight! What games do you guys play? Card games? Board games? Kinky games? Just kidding about that last one. ;) I know how strongly you and Jack feel about monogamy. I love that bond the two of you have; I wish more of the straight couples I know would recognize the importance of commitment. (Sorry, I was about to start another rant . . .)

    I love Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, and various card games.

  2. lmao, Shayster. too funny. They barely look legal there.

    One of my favorite imaginary couples is Aragorn and Legolas from the Lord of the Rings movies, sigh.

  3. My very good friend and editor writes facfic in both HP and LOTR. (All apres 18 for HP, of course) Here's her LJ page, tags on the left will take you to the right entries. :)

  4. Hey Shayne...

    Now I know why I stay out of London when the HP madness starts...

    If he had a guy by his side, I would have been all over HP at every opening...

    My favourite (want to happen, dream it happen) imagined relationship is Kaiba and Joey from Yugi Oh.... I am a big fan of the Dark Prince that is Kiaba...


  5. I had to save that picture for my screen saver. I still like HP, and seeing that picture makes me like him even more!

  6. Great Post, Shayne! There have been many times I've read a book and thought the two men should get together. Love the pic, too!