Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I have to decorate another Christmas Cookie this year I'll...

Jack and I are still watching the kids. We'll have them for several more days, and as many of you know, entertaining children is challenging to say the least.
I got this brilliant idea to bake Christmas cookies.
I love to bake so I thought it would be fun and easy. It was fun, but not so easy.
We had bought some fancy cookie cutters with designs in the middle of them. Candy Canes, Angels, Christmas Trees, Santa, Stars and Reindeer.
I made tons of colored icing and we used toothpicks to decorate them.


Jack wanted us to make enough for him to take to work, so I doubled the recipe. We ended up making 4 dozen cookies! The kids did a fabulous job of decorating and being creative with their designs. They might not be professionals, but they definitely took pride in their creations.

Let me just quickly point out that the picture I posted looks totally different than our creations! Our were fabulously creative and much more colorful!

It took most of the day for us to get it done. By the time we were finished, ALL of us were over it! I swear next year I'm just buying plain cookie cutters next year! Of course, Jack came home after we were!

At least he took us out for Pizza and drove us around to look at Christmas Lights.

Today we're tackling Gingerbread houses...gulp! Am I crazy? Wait don't answer that! Wish me luck!


  1. You and Jack are really terrific to be so good with those kids!
    I would have loved to see the finished product.

  2. Shayne you are a sweetheart for doing that! Thanks for the heads up on Kevin's free story, too!

  3. How awesome! Making memories is the best! They'll forever remember making the cookies with you! I'd love to see a pic of you all making gingerbread houses! It sounds like a blast!

  4. They will always remember the fun they had with you. They are so lucky! You should post a picture of the gingerbread houses. I'd love to see them. I've never been brave enough to attempt that even with a kit. Good luck! Even if they collapse, you'll all have fun.

  5. Shayne won't post real pics, he's afraid of the camera, lol. Love you bff, you are too cute

  6. Shayne I'm afraid of the camera too!
    You are a wonderful Uncle. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  7. Jack brought some cookies to work today and they were creative and yummy! Even though it was a pain to do, we enjoyed it.
    Thanks, Shaynie

    Shawn, I don't know why he hides from the camera he's beautiful. (shut up Shaynie! You are) I think we all hate pictures of ourselves don't we?

  8. I understand being camera shy. You won't see a real picture of me online; trust me when I say the mystery is better than the reality in my case. However, I do want to see the gingerbread house and those "worthless" dogs that I've heard about. :)

  9. BTW, I've said before that Shayne is beautiful! He's too sweet to be anything else.

  10. Jack waltzing in after it all the baking and decorating was over is classic. He sounds like my boyfriend!
    You are awesome to spend quality time with the kids.

    I hate getting my picture taken too

  11. And hence the reason why I buy the cookies that you just have to pop into the oven. LOL.

    That was so sweet of you to bake cookies with the kids! :)

  12. Sing it Ava!

    Shayne you and Jack have made this Christmas Season a happy memory for the kids. You guys are my role models.

    Love y'all

  13. *Blushes*

    Thank you everyone for your sweet words. We try to be good role models for them. I think they've had fun being with us.

    Shawn and Brent are right. I am notoriously camera shy. I always have been. It's just my way I suppose. Did you know that Brent needs to have his eyes checked? He's Blind as a bat. LOL!