Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reading brings people together

I had a very busy weekend. It was filled with ballgames, friends popping in unexpectedly and lazing around outside enjoying the beautiful weather.
I read the book The Squire by my friend, Shawn Lane. Which I loved. (I am even thinking about reviewing it on goodreads) Those who love homoerotic romances The Squire is a must read! It's a very short story, but ohhh soooo fulfilling!

I have been thinking about EH's post about connecting with others. I know there are some that might be interested in how Jack and I read together. In some ways, we have always done it together. At first, it was a magazine article or maybe an interesting story in the newspaper. It has gradually worked itself up to books.
We literally read the book together. Most of the time it is out loud to one another, then we talk about what we just read. This takes time, but between the interesting conversation we have about the book, to usually being turned on by some of the things we have read, it works for us. There are days we read more than others. Depending on our mood. But, it does keep us connected and it helps us talk about more than the everyday humdrum of life.

There are times where we want to read different things, and that is okay too. Now he is reading a menage based book, (I hate menages) so I am reading what I want. BUT, we are still discussing what we read, so we stay connected.


  1. I love the way you and Jack read. It's so cool. And I think it is even cooler that you read out loud to each other. A hundred years ago I tried to read out loud to Derek, but he never went for it. And thanks for the kind words on The Squire. You are too good to me.

  2. Hey Shayne,

    Thanks for giving us a bit more about the reading habit for you and Jack.

    I must say i am still impressed, i haven't met anyone in ages who willing confesses to reading together with anyone. I don't for the mere reason, the type of books i read and the pace at which i read.

    I also love that comfort zone that you both have reached over the years to have your own sort of love (in books) but can still come together and mull it over - Loved that.

    I do get your point about something different from the humdrum of everyday life.

    my poison of choice is cooking - my partners and i love mixing it up in the kitchen - so cookbooks does it for us...

    You have a good week this week.

    P.S. why do you hate menages...


  3. I just love the way you and your partner communicate and read to one another. You are so lucky to be in a relationship that is open and being able to talk to one another.

  4. Sorry for it took so long for me to comment. I have been sick this week.

    Thanks Kara. That is very nice of you to say that. :)

    You cook together, huh? Damn I bet you have some interesting meals! (I know what reading does to/for
    I think I don't like menages because I haven't read a good one yet. Any recommendations?

    People think it's either cool or strange we read like that. I think most people don't have the patience to read and listen to read out loud to one another.
    Jack is nothing but