Sunday, April 19, 2009

In the beginning...

Well, I gave into pressure and started my own blog. Why anyone would follow me, would be a mystery to me, but my life partner, Jack, thinks this will be a positive way to vent. Although, he has no blog, so WTF?!
Today, we had a last minute get together with family. Of course, I was being my manic self. It's hard to make sure things go smoothly and for everyone to be happy. I have somehow made this my responsibility, and through no fault of Jack's, he is always calm as a cucumber.
Jack is always that way. As I start wigging out, Jack starts getting calmer. He soothes me. Otherwise, I would be more high-strung than I
Anyway, the get together consisted of Jack's parents, his sister and her husband and their kids. We had fun playing Rock Band with our niece and nephew, of course they insisted I be the singer. Why I have no idea. I can't sing worth a shit, but I gave it my best. After a few cocktails, I am sure my performance out did any Mariah Carey concert!!!
Everything went well and we had fun. Jack's family has always opened their hearts to me. Even when it wasn't as accepted to be gay. I guess that is why Jack is the spectacular man he is.
Speaking of a spectacular man, I need to call it a night. Work tomorrow. That sucks!


  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! Well done, Shayne.

  2. Hey Shayne,

    I am definately hitching my star to your wagon..

    Firstly i found you through Shawn Lane blog.. and two you so sound like the life of the party..

    Let see when your star takes us..

    Welcome to the world of blogging... "In the Beginning"..


  3. Congrats on starting your own blog, Shayne! You are braver than I - me, I just mooch off Shawn. LOL.