Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're back!

We're back!

Jack and I had a fabulous time on our vacation. Jack swept me off to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We stayed in a very nice cabin up there. It had gorgeous views and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

One bad thing about it was the snow. It was quite stunning, but so freaking cold! If you haven't been to Gatlinburg, let me tell you that you have to park your car and walk up and down the strip there. This is fine on nice warm days. Freezing temperatures did not make this a fabulous thing to do. So, we didn't get out as much as we normally would have. Believe me, both Jack and I stayed bundled up the entire time there.

It's a very romantic place and the Smokey Mountains are simply breathtaking. If you ever have the chance to go there, you should, just don't do it in the winter!

We both were ready to come home. We missed our worthless dogs and sleeping in our own bed. I swear I can't get warm though. I think I was frozen to the bone!

I hope all of you are doing fabulous!

See you soon!


  1. Welcome home!! I've heard Gatlinburg is wonderful. How awesome of Jack to take you there for vacation. It sounds like you had a great time, even with the cold weather. ...cold weather sucks. Sorry, just had to work that in there. LOL

  2. Welcome home guys...

    I am glad you were able to get some rest and just be together even if the weather didn't co-operate...

    You'll soon get warm.... you're home now...


  3. YAY! I'm glad you're both back and you had a good time. I know when I talked to Jack earlier he raved on and on about what a good time y'all had!
    We've had freezing weather too and like Ava said, IT SUCKS!
    Oh yeah, by the way, what was this about you, Jack and a pool table? :)
    I think you y'all had a much better time that you are telling!

  4. Welcome back! It sounds as if even with the freezing cold you both had a great time. Bundled up together in a cabin sounds like a great way to vacation.

    Love the pic, btw.

  5. It's been about 75 here since January started. Just sayin'

  6. Don't rub it in Shawn!

    Welcome back guys; you were missed!

    Pool table, Shayne? I'm mighty curious!

  7. I have a feeling that you and Jack got very familiar while playing pool! *gives Jack and Shayne a high five*
    You guys were missed! Glad your back!

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  9. I think you y'all had a much better time that you are telling!
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