Monday, January 18, 2010

Mean people really do suck...and not in a good way.

Hi Friends!

It's been a good weekend. Jack and I went out to eat Friday night. Saturday we spent the afternoon at his sister's house. The kids wanted to spend a couple of days with us, so they've been here for the past two days.

I've played games, watched movies, read books, I've been a rock star, ate pizza until I'm sick of it and baked cookies...I'm exhausted!

It's been fun though. They'll go home this afternoon and I'm hitting the bed to cuddle with Jack and the worthless dogs and getting some sleep!

On a pissy note...I logged in to the goodreads site and was outraged at some comments made to one of our favorite reviewers, Lily, and our dear friend, Eyre. It's a sad time we live in when we can not express ourselves fairly about a book we've read (or whatever) and have rude and spiteful comments about the reviewer and other readers. That made me sick.
I hate drama. I really do, but that really was uncalled for. I ended up making a comment of my own and flagging an inappropriate one.
Bullies shouldn't be allowed to get away with being so cruel.
I've never understood cruelty and unsolicited rudeness to others. I guess I never will.
Anyway, I guess I'm trying to say in a roundabout way, Keep your chin up girls! We got your back!

Everyone have a great holiday today! MUAH!


  1. Thanks, sugar. I appreciate it! Mean people do suck, and I have faith that these people will disappear from our radar and from Goodreads.

    It sounds like you and Jack had a great weekend. I've said it before--those are some lucky kids! They're so blessed to have the two of you in their lives. I have this picture in my mind of a blue-haired rock star with flour on his nose. He's very bouncy because he's eaten way too many cookies and way too much sugar. His sweetie just looks at all the chaos and grins.

    Hope you two have a great day together! Of course, if you're cuddling, I know it'll be fabulous!

  2. Shayne, you're such a sweetie. Thanks for your support!

    It sounds like you guys have been having a great weekend. Enjoy the kiddies til they leave and then enjoy each other. Cuddling in bed sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening.

    MUAH and a big hug to you both!

  3. Well said, BFF. I came in late, but was absolutely appalled. Amazing

  4. I'm late with this one, too!

    About a year ago I posted a review under Daisiemae where I gave a book one star. The author and publisher went off on me for my viewpoint and so on.
    It upset me so much I almost didn't review books anymore, but thanks to the kind words of others, I decided to ignore their snarky comments and went on.
    I'm sorry both of you had to go through that.
    Every once in a while that author contacts me and tries to convince me to re-read his book. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't now because of the bad history we have together.
    If y'all need anything, let me know!

    Shayne-loved the pic and the post! It was almost as good as Eyre's imagination! :)

  5. Love that pic! It's so you!

    I know the kids have had a blast with their two favorite Uncles. My Uncle wasn't half as cool as you two are. Lucky tikes!

    Mean people DO SUCK! Of all people to pick on they pick Eyre and Lil, who both are some of the nicest. I flagged their comments, too. Hopefully goodreads will do someting about it.

  6. Sounds like the kids had a blast with their uncles! I hope you have a nice relaxing evening with Jack - sounds like you two have earned it.

    Mean people suck big hairy ballocks. :( I'm with you on the no drama thing. I'd much rather do without it, and I can't understand why anyone would want to be mean and spiteful to another. I saw those comments on GR and was appalled at the behavior, and that anyone would pick on Eyre and Lily. Thanks, Shay, for standing up against the bullies. You are fabulous and wonderful, and a great friend. ((hugs))

  7. LMAO @ Eyre. I don't know that your "vision" was that different that reality. Knowing my cluminess, I wouldn't doubt if I DID have flour on my nose while jamming with the "band". LOL! If I had blue hair, Jack might not like it too much though!

    It pays to have fabulous friends like all of you. *Hugs*

  8. Hey - I just wanted to say thanks for sticking up for Lily.

    I accepted this book for review and then noticed the big drama on GR today. SIGH.

    ps - I've been looking through your blog and spit out my coffee when I saw "your" beer bottle tree ;)


  9. Holy cr*p, the last time I checked that thread it only had 20 messages in it, color me PI**ED now that I'm catching up on what I missed while I was innocently celebrating my daughter's birthday yesterday, secure in my belief that live is inherently good. You bet your a** I would've been on top of that sh*t too. BIG HUGS to all y'all, and a BIG thumbs down to hairy-ball-sucking mean people on GR. Grrrr!!!

  10. LMAO at big-hairy-ball-sucking! I love you all!

  11. Thanks again everyone. You guys are the best!!