Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Having Withdrawals

I should be resting. I know I'll probably get into trouble for blogging instead of doing as I should, but I thought I would take my chances and say a few words anyway.
This has been an interesting month for Jack and I. Just when we think things are starting to smooth out, both of us have gotten the flu. Grr!

I've been sick for about nine days now. Fever, upset stomach, cough, sore throat and sniffles have been on the agenda at our place.
The really bad thing is I've had to cut down on some of my favorite treats. Sweets aren't good for an upset stomach. I haven't had a Starburst in over a week! Talk about Hell on Earth! Grr! I swear I'm having withdrawals, but Jack and Shawn swear to me that I'll survive. I'M NOT SO SURE!!!!

Lucky for us, we've had some good friends who will leave us food at our doorstep so we are being taken care of. Jack is starting to feel better, but I'm still sick. Of course, I've always been the puny one between the two of us. Damn it.

On the bright side, my Dear Sweet Shawn Lane is posting free updates on some of our favorite heroes that she has written about in the past. This week is Jake and Damian's turn from Jake's Regret. She's posted two of the three installments about them and so far it's been fabulous. If you haven't read Damian's feast check it out here:

I don't know about everyone else, but I simply adore it when we get to read how our favorite characters are doing after everything is said and done. It's always fun to glance into their lives long after their story is over, even if it is a quick. (Hey quickies can be VERY good! :-)

I hope everyone is safe and stays healthy for this upcoming holiday season. I've got to go drown myself by drinking more Mint Tea and some gag worthy Theraflu is in the near future for me. Yum. NOT!


  1. Feel better hon, this goes for Jack as well...

    What a time the last few months has been for you - glad to know you have friends and loved one close to make sure you are ticking over and can get up to some trouble...

    P.S. - Sweets are no good for you, even if they are starburst... now M&M that's another story all together LOL

    Feel better hon...


  2. Sorry your not feeling well. It always makes it worse when your partner is sick, too.
    Eat lots of chicken soup and fresh veggies. Get well soon!

    Thanks for the link to Shawn Lane's website. I read her two posts and really liked them. I decided to give Jake a try.

  3. I just got over the stomach virus myself. Get well soon, Shayne.

  4. You will survive the starbursts withdrawls, promise. Thanks for that sweet little angel. You know I love pretty boys.

  5. :( I hope you feel better soon, Shay.

    My sympathies on the Theraflu - that stuff is truly gag worthy. Why do medicine companies even try to flavor their stuff? 'Lemon' flavor my a$$...

  6. You poor guys! I just hate that the two of you aren't well, but it is good that you have friends who can help out.

    I'm sure those Starburst withdrawals are horrid! I don't have a candy addiction, but I can't make it through the day without a diet coke!

  7. I hate to see that you both are still not feeling good. At least you have one another to lean on too!
    Get well soon cutie!

  8. Good God, he's stunning! How the hell did I get so old?
    Get well soon, Shayne. I know it's hard to eat and drink but fuel your body as much as you can. The starbursts will be there when you get well.
    I'm addicted to snickers myself!

  9. I'm glad we could help you two out. I'll make sure that we bring some Starbursts by in a few days. I know Jack's better and I'm hoping that you will be on the mend soon, too.
    If you need any help or anything we are only a phone call away.

    If you think that the Angel he posted is pretty you should see your Shayne in person. Both he and Jack are too damn pretty for their own good!

  10. Brent,

    You and Josh are awesome for helping out! ((((hugs)))

    So Shayne and Jack are pretty? Well, they both seem to have beautiful souls, so it's only fitting that their outsides match their insides.

  11. I've heard rumors to that effect of course but I shall not find out until they are wrinkled old men because Shayster refuses to allow me to see his likeness. And I am not surprised to hear it about Jack considering(ahem).

  12. Eyre you are such a sweetheart. We love you dearly (((hugs)))

    I'm afraid the sands of time is creeping up on me everytime I look in the mirror. Shayne on the other hand will always be youthfully beautiful. Damn him!!!

    Shayne will be getting some startbursts in a day or so. He needs to get that fever down before he eats his weight in his favorite candy.

    Thanks Brent and Josh. We couldn't have done it without you!

  13. Oh you beautiful men make aging women like me sick! LOL!
    I'm sorry you guys have been sick. Been there, done that myself. I hope you guys get to feeling better.
    I take it they don't get tamaflu to y'all down there either. It's practically nonexistent here.

    Drink plenty of fluids! Try to eat something, too. Love you guys, even if you are too beautiful for words! (sticks tongue out)

  14. I'm glad to hear that while not fully recovered you and Jack are on the mend. Hopefully soon you'll both be back to normal!

    *hugs to you both*

  15. I hope you're feeling better, Shayne. The Angel is so innocent and sweet. Love him! Take care of yourself and Jack:)
    Get well soon:)