Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've been bad

It's been a while since I've blogged. I've had numerous complaints from several of you, because I've been neglecting my time honored duty of blogging at least a few times a week! I'm sorry my friends. I promise to try to do better. :-D

Here's a little Eye Candy as an apology to my friends...isn't he fabulous?!

To be honest, these past couple of months have been hard. I've noticed that it's just not Jack and I that's had a difficult summer. Many of our friends are having troubles this year. I don't know about you, and I know it's only September, but I'm ready for this year to be over. I'm ready to start fresh.

I had pneumonia for over a month. I was beginning to think it was going to be a permanent affliction there for a while, but luckily with Jack's nurturing and Shawn's constant pep talks and hovering, I got over it! Thank God, for them. They are always my truest and most devoted fans. It's good to have someone always on your side, even when things aren't always going the way you want.

Jack and I are planning on moving to Dallas next year. We're both very excited about this. It will be good to reconnect with some old friends, and be return to the place where we really belong.

Thanks for hanging in there with me these past few months my friends. I really promise I'll do better at keeping y'all informed.

Your Friend,



  1. As you know you are fabulous! (drink)

  2. I don't know about being fabulous, but as long as you think so, that's all that matters.
    MUAH! Love you

  3. Damn babe! That's some eye candy!
    We'll get through it together. We always do. Next year will be the best yet, for all of us.

    Shawn, fabulous is an understatement when it comes to Shayne. He's too humble for his own good. But, MDSS you are fabulous, too. Don't ever forget that.

  4. hey Shayne..

    Glad to see you back blogging.. I totally agree with you I am so ready for this year to be over..

    I have had it..

    Once again - I am pleased you are mended from your recent bout of illness and looking forward to new and exciting things now...

    I am sure you'll be giving us a blow by blow follow up of your move - so I await the event and wish you well with your move..

    Have a great weekend hon...

    P.S. Jack and Shawn Kudos to you two for hanging in there with Shayne while he was laid low... hope you guys have recovered as well..


  5. It's so great to see you back in blogland, Shay!! I missed you! *hugs* And I totally agree with Jack and Shawn - you are fabulous :D

    Oooh, and I love the eye-candy, but he needs to let go of that curtain. He's damn fine and certainly doesn't need to cover anything up. ;)

  6. Ya know the first time I liked at that guy I missed his...until Ava had to point it out. Now, I keep coming back to look!

  7. Welcome back to blogland, Shayne!! I agree with you, 2009 has been a difficult year. Sounds like you're doing better, but wow, one month with the flu must have been terrible.

    I agree with the others, you're pretty fab!! Thanks for the eye-candy.