Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm guilty

Am I guilty? I so am!

While talking to my BFF, we both made the observation that people don't participate at Goodreads anymore. I am guilty of this myself. Some of the drama and the negative things that had been said was driving me ape shit! (pardon the language, but it was how I felt) After some talking to my BFF and to Jack, we decided to take our Goodreads back.

So, to make amends to my terrible guilt, I'm encouraging all of our Internet and fellow reading friends to return to the place we all used to love to haunt... GOODREADS. We all need a positive place to go to. This big bad world sucks most of the time, and it would be nice to be able to keep track of what my friends are reading and what's going on with them.
If not Goodreads, we all need to find a place to mingle...even if it's for a few minutes a day or even a couple of days a week. We have something spectacular in common. That's the love of reading. It makes us almost like family in some ways because there are so many people who do not understand the beauty of the written word or the fabulousness of a lovely story. I still think Goodreads can be that place.

*Jumps off Soapbox*

ANYWAY, I've been feeling so much better! Jack and I had a fabulous weekend. We visited with his sister and her family, met with some friends and had a outstanding time just being with each other AND we read Still the One by my fabulishes BFF, Shawn Lane, and it was a utterly divine end to Malcolm and Dusty's journey. If you haven't read it, stop what you're doing right now and indulge yourself! It's short, sexy and very hot! YUM!

Thanks again to all of you who have thought about me while I was down. That meant a lot to both Jack and I. You're good friends and we've been lucky to have met and become friends with all of you.

As a thank you, I give you more of Adam. He really is quite YUMMY!


  1. Ooh, more Adam, thanks!

    I am so happy to hear that you're feeling better. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend.

    I agree with you about GRs. It's changed so much. A few months ago it was such fun to hang out and communicate with each other as we read our reviews and what we were reading. I haven't been participating too much lately so, thankfully I've missed a lot of the drama that went on lately.

    I'd love to get back to the way things were before. I think for me that means looking at my friends list. Without meaning to I've let it grow too much. That and a shortage of free time makes it hard to interact with my friends. I'll have to work on that soon.

    Shayne, I hope you and Jack have a great week and I look forward to seeing more of you both on GRs. MUAH!

  2. Okay, Shayne I'm going to give it another serious shot. I've been unhappy with Goodreads for a while. I miss the old gang, so I'm willing to check in more often and see what's up. I think Lily has a cool idea. I'm going to get rid of a bunch of people I've accepted as friends, and just keep the ones who mean something to me.
    Give Jack a squeeze for me.


  4. Well said, Shayster. Muah!
    And thanks for more Adam.

  5. I've wondered where everyone went off to. That place sucks all by myself. I don't pay attention to the drama. Got enough drama to deal with just being me, lol. That's one of the reasons I never bothered to join certain groups there. Boring .

    It will be nice to see some of the very cool people back (nod to Maggie)

  6. Wow, that was eloquent and very motivating, and certainly if this great group will migrate back, I'll be there to welcome with open arms. I've missed everyone (sniff) and have tanked on my own participation as well.

    And SOOOO glad that you are feeling better love!!

  7. Thanks for your note Shayne. I'm going to give it another shot. I missed all of you.
    Devon's right. You are very eloquent and straighforward when you write. How come you don't do it again?

  8. Glad to you well and about Shayne.... And you have come back with a fighting spirit and all aimed at GR..

    I barely even update my profile anymore - I cannot abide the drama over there, and I hate angst, it just seems everyone has a chip on their shoulders...

    Time permitting - I will try and make a daily pit stop over there now...

    P.S> Give Jack a superduper hug, just for being so great...


  9. Shayne doesn't give himself enough credit. He's even more eloquent and straightforward in person. He could write, he just chooses not to do it.
    He's right. It's good we're all giving it another shot. If it doesn't work, we need to at least meet somewhere and keep in touch with one another, whether it's a chat room or whatever.

  10. You are guilty! Guilty of being a loving person. I'm proud that you're taking a stand on this, baby.
    Brents right. You never give yourself enough credit. I love you.

  11. I agree, Brent. He never gives hmself enough credit for anythng. He's really quite humble.

  12. Shayne, I'm so glad that you're getting everyone back together. I've gone through and marked only certain people as "top friends" and I've set things so that I only see their reviews, etc. I think that will help me feel more comfortable.

    Jack is right. You need to give yourself more credit!