Monday, March 8, 2010

I suck at lying

Well, that settles it. I officially suck at lying!

1. I was once a drag queen at a bar in Dallas. No, I've never been a drag queen.

2. I have a very close relationship with my family. Nope and it's a Long sordid story that I don't want to get into.

3. At nineteen, I won tickets to see Madonna's True Blue concert for being lucky caller number 5. No. I DID go see Madonna's True Blue concert in Dallas, but I paid my hard earned money to see her.

4. I get very anxious when I'm in large crowds and have been known to have panic attacks. This is true.

5. I dressed up as the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz at a Halloween Party this year. No. I dressed up as Dorothy

6. I have three worthless dogs whom I love dearly. NO.I have TWO worthless dogs I love dearly

7. Jack and I have been together for a little over 14 years. No. We've been together for 13 years.

8. I am over six and a half feet tall. LOL. I'm not even going there.

9. I suffer from chronic insomnia. Yes and it sucks

10. I have a fetish for long hair. DUH!

11. Other than Handsome Jack, my very best friend in the world is Shawn Lane.
I figured 10 and 11 were my give a ways...little did I know my friends knew me better than I thought.

Don't forget to enter Shawn's contest this week! Her Only series is going to be fabulous!


  1. When I had read this, I thought you might had been a drag queen once upon a time. *wink*

  2. LOL! I knew you had to be an insomniac because of the timestamps on all you comments! I'l admit that I had to really think for a while to remember if you had two or three worthless dogs.

  3. You do suck at lying, sweetie, but hot pic!

  4. Ditto to what Eyre said - the timestamps on your comments gave you away. LOL And that pic is seriously hot!! Thanks!

  5. You may suck at lying (and that's not a bad thing) but damn, you're great at picking seriously hot Man Candy pics! :D